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Posted by Mezicage on 2022-11-11

Food and Drug Administration. Foreman, R. The marketing of opioid medications without prescription over the Internet.

The FDA has issued draft guidance outlining ways in which some prescription drugs could be made available to consumers without a prescription. Medications with low safety profiles and high abuse potential may not be sold without a prescription. However, in Saudi community pharmacies, every drug is.

Journal of Public Policy and Marketing25 2— Fung, C. Controversies and legal issues of prescribing and dispensing medications using the Internet. Mayo Clinic Proceedings79 2— National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

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Home Services Resources. Restricting Internet Access to Prescription Drugs Description Restricting Internet access to prescription drugs involves instituting laws and policies that place numerous limits on online pharmacies, including restrictions on the sale and purchase of controlled drugs.

Dangers of buying medicines online

The U. All prescribers and dispensers of controlled drugs must register with the DEA, and the DEA is authorized to enforce the lawful administration of controlled drugs. Note: Some states allow pharmacies to dispense naloxone without a prescription. Federal law prohibits the sale of prescription drugs controlled or otherwise to an individual without a valid prescription FDA, Internet sales are prescrpition with a valid prescription which usually requires a physical examination no prescription pharmacies a licensed professional and when the seller is approved by the appropriate authorities including state authorities to sell and ship pharmaceuticals in and to the jurisdiction in question NAMSDL, The sale of nonprescription medications is a major challenge faced by developing countries.

In developed countries like the United States, approximately 80 products are sold over-the-counter OTCwhich means that patients source purchase them without first consulting a healthcare provider.

Health outcomes in patients using no-prescription online pharmacies to purchase prescription drugs

These OTC medications mainly include analgesics, acne treatments, sunscreen lotions and weight loss pills.

Medications with low safety profiles and high abuse potential may not be sold without a prescription.

However, in Saudi community pharmacies, every drug is treated as an OTC drug and may be purchased without a prescription [ Bin Abdulhak et al. The recent death of an expatriate is a painful reminder of the consequences. According to the law regulating Saudi pharmacy practice, all operations in ptescription pharmacy prescrlption be performed by a licensed pharmacist, not by a pharmacy worker, and no medicines other than those designated as OTC should be dispensed without a prescription [ Bawazir, ].

For three decades, this law has awaited implementation. This malpractice may have resulted no prescription pharmacies many adverse events, which may not have been reported due to a lack of knowledge among community pharmacists about the adverse event reporting system [ Khan, ; Mahmoud et al.

Internet Pharmacy Warning Letters | FDA

But the practices in Saudi community pharmacies remain the same. One possible reason for such practices is the lack of Saudi pharmacists in community pharmacies — most of the pharmacists working in Saudi community pharmacies are expatriates from other Gulf countries, mainly Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

Pharmacies mexican online in their home no prescription pharmacies and deficient training may be the main factors affecting their levels of professionalism and responsibility while practicing in Saudi Arabia. Thus, they may concern themselves more with profits, markup percentages and revenue generation for their companies and themselves than with patient and community safety [ Bawazir, ].

Considering patient safety and the severity of current malpractice, it is time for regulatory authorities to take solid measures to implement click drug sale regulations outlined in the Saudi drug law.

All pharmacists working in Saudi community pharmacies should be trained and certified, with up-to-date knowledge about medication safety. Passing the Saudi drug law exam and recertification should be made compulsory for all community pharmacists. The penalties no prescription pharmacies violation should be explained in their employment contracts, and pharmacy chains should introduce consumer databases to reduce the chances of disease—drug and drug—drug interactions.

Last, but not least, an electronic prescription system should be introduced in all polyclinics and community pharmacists should be provided with the tools to countercheck for any potential errors or ambiguities before dispensing a prescription medication. These timely initiatives will not only ensure high levels of professionalism and responsibility among community pharmacists, but will also assist in improving patient safety in Saudi community pharmacies [ Haseeb and Elrggal, ].

Objective: This study focused on the motivations for using no-prescription online pharmacies (NPOPs) to purchase prescription drugs rather than. valid prescription. These findings include sites dispensing drugs based solely on an online questionnaire, as well as those requiring no prescription at all.

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